I can't thank you enough...

Everyone  Thank you So Much for all the Love and Support! Thank you for all the visits, phone calls, text messages flowers and gifts you have given me... It warms my heart and I can't express how much I love you All!
Today starts a full week at My New Salon and my heart beats 1,000,000 miles a minute every time I think about it! Haha! I'm just filled with so much Joy, Happiness, and a Excitement! 
To My Amazing Sister Jitt and Husband Mike for taking a few days off their insanely busy Life to come and surprise me by helping Khoi and I set up The Salon. I've never cried so hard in Gratefulness and Relief for you both saving Me. Like I said I felt like you two were Angels descending from the Heavens to help me. My Family Never fails me and I am forever Grateful.
Through the mist of this Journey there was never a moment of break the transition was a flow and I did it with a full heart in excitement to make it the Best for you My Loving Guests. And during this process my Goal was to always have my kids have the most of me, it makes me laugh to look back and think of how Khoi and I would run down to each of the Kids events and after they do their thing we then would run out and work on the Salon again! But the breaking point was when my Son had a concussion during a football game. That's was when my world stop for a moment and I finally took a deep breathe. But through it all My Son is Well and He Healthy and Happy.
I'm So So Grateful. Dreams do come true when you put your Soul into it. 
I can't wait for you all to come see My New Home ‪#‎StaiySalon‬
I  You All Truly!